Gaming Builds

From light Gaming to Gaming Enthusiasts

We offer custom Gaming Builds

Here at Bexhill Computer Repairs we build computers for all types of users and this inclues gamers.

If you like to game here and there or if you like to game as an enthusiast, we can help keep you in the action and make sure you dont drop frame rates at the most important moments.

What makes our Builds different from pre-build Gaming computers?

We want you to have the system you have always wanted. To do this, we simply have a chat about what sort of games you wish to play.

Once we have an idea we start from the ground up, we go through all parts of the system with you to get your custom build just right for you.

The systems we build are fully customisable to suit your needs. This means you can choose everything from graphics card and power supply, down to the colour of the screws. 

We know pre-built gaming machines can be bought online. However, over the years of building and repairing systems, we have often found they are put together with cheap parts and use dishonest advertising.

Bexhill Computer Repairs only use branded parts in our systems. What brand you choose is up to you. Do you have a favourite brand? We will use that brand.


We will work with your budget to create the best gaming experience for you.