Terms and Conditions

3 months warranty for any device repaired by Bexhill Computer Repairs. 3 months warranty for a refurbished item sold by Bexhill Computer Repairs. 12 months warranty for a new item sold by Bexhill Computer Repairs.

Any sale or repair performed by Bexhill Computer Repairs is covered by our warranty for hardware failure. For example, if a new battery is fitted in a device and the battery fails within the warranty period, we will replace the battery at no additional cost to the customer.
Our warranties do not cover software failure. This includes software installed by the user, windows updates, viruses and malware. Bios update failures or any user created failure are not covered. We are not responsible for any damage caused after the repair has been completed and the device is taken by the customer. For example, if a screen replacement provided by Bexhill Computer Repairs fails due to dropping or otherwise damaging the device.
The warranty is void if a device that has been sold or repaired by Bexhill Computer Repairs is tampered with in any way such as removal of hardware or installation of upgrades performed by a third party.
If applicable System/bios log files will be accessed in order to establish reason for device failure before any repairs are attempted.
Upon arrival at Bexhill Computer Repairs, an email address is required for communication. We do not share information and the provided email address is not used for advertising. We only communicate the warranty repair request via email and telephone calls and discussions will be transcribed in an email to both the customer and Bexhill Computer Repairs.
If an issue is found to be caused by user error, we will communicate with the customer via email. In the instance of non-warranty repairs being carried out, the customer will be liable to pay the cost of the repair. All non-warranty repairs will be agreed via email with the customer before any repairs are attempted. The email will contain an itemised list of the repairs needed and the cost of the repair. The reason for the repair being performed outside of our warranty will be explained. If the customer does not wish to go ahead with the non-warranty repair the item will be returned to the customer in the condition that the item was brought to us.
If the device has been found to meet the warranty criteria, all repairs will be performed by Bexhill Computer Repairs under the applicable warranty at no extra cost to the customer.
Our warranty is not extendable and does not renew after a warranty repair is performed.
In order to protect both the customer and Bexhill Computer Repairs all serial numbers from repairs and sales are documented in order to validate our warranty.

Any item uncollected for 6 months after contact with our customers to inform of completed work will be wiped and destroyed, unless communication is made and we are informed of a collection date. All attempted communications will be documented.